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08.07.11: new entry on barry gifford over at SLANT MAGAZINE) ||
06.04.11: my charles burns documentation from his CITY LIGHTS BOOKSTORE q&a appears at THE COMICS REPORTER video parade, also at ENTRECOMICS ||
05.19.11: my terence stamp documentation mentioned on MUBI’s twitter page. ||
04.30.11: my video snippets of cartoonist daniel clowes at THE COMICS REPORTER. ||
04.26.11: my new TUMBLR page on cinema and comics lore. ||
04.09.11: my video snippet of canadian cartoonist seth during WONDERCON 2011 at THE COMICS REPORTER. ||
02.11.11: i wrote the capsules for the SFIAAFF 29’s LIFE, INTERRUPTED shorts program. ||
10.26.10: my creative eye profile on SCOUTMOB. ||
06.17.10: my portrait of steven weissman in WTD (WHAT THINGS DO). ||
09.03.09: CAD Pictures was published in german on the website. two photos for M.A.C., which you can see in larger versions by clicking the thumbnail. ||
04.09.09: my photo of M.A.C. on THE NEW YORK TIMES’ ANNE ON THE MOVE ||
01.16.09: my photo of M.A.C. in TEEN ||
12.20.08: special thanks to keith uhlich & SLANT MAGAZINE for showcasing my TRIBUTE TO TONY CURTIS video documentation. ||
09.08.08: a mention over at GREENCINE DAILY. ||
09.07.08: read my write-up on françois truffaut’s SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER at SLANT MAGAZINE. ||
01.15.08: MéDITATION playing over at special thanks to todd brown for the very nice write-up. ||
01.10.08: my write-up of comics by daniel clowes, jaime hernandez and seth over at SLANT MAGAZINE. special thanks to my editor keith uhlich. ||
12.21.07: steven weissman’s portrait of me as a baby on rama hughes’ THE PORTRAIT PARTY blog, included is my photo portrait of steven at MOCCA 2006. special thanks to steven weissman and rama hughes. ||
11.06.07: james sturm photo on the DRAWN & QUARTERLY blog page. scroll down to tuesday, nov. 6, 2007. ||
10.24.07: i am now a regular contributor to SLANT MAGAZINE via THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR edited by film writer and filmmaker matt zoller seitz and keith uhlich. here’s my intro… scroll down to oct. 24 in SLANT MAGAZINE, and my write-ups to IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE & BULLITT. (it feels kinda odd seeing my writing excerpted though.) ||
09.21.07: SFGATE write-up by S.F. CHRONICLE fashion editor sylvia rubin of the WHAT IS LUXURY? fashion benefit for NEW LANGTON ARTS accompanied by my photo of LOOK model nora barnard wearing PODOLL… in addition, three other photos of mine accompanied ms. barnard’s in the print edition of the sunday SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE’s style section, p. d1 & d3 (dated 09.23.07). obigrada to jeff bella for going above and beyond the call of duty, pitching in during the shoot. ||
09.02.07: GREENCINE DAILY mention on sun., sept. 2, 2007 for my write-up on wong kar wai’s new short THERE’S ONLY ONE SUN commissioned by PHILIPS… scroll down until you reach clive owen’s NY TIMES SUNDAY MAGAZINE cover close-up, and my mention is off to the left. thanks again to david hudson. ||

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PSSST (2005) is the sound filipinos make to get one’s attention.



MéDITATION (2001) written-up at special thanks to TWITCH founder todd brown for the very kind words. and program notes from the PACIFIC FILM ARCHIVE’s ALTERNATIVE REQUIREMENTS 2002: EXPERIMENTAL WORKS FROM BAY AREA SCHOOLS screening (see part II of program).  

steven weissman post its in CLOBBERIN’ TIME.    mention:



CLUTCH (2013) is 49ER wide-receiver great john taylor’s videouette highlights.

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